Consolidated ® Type 4900

Inlet Sizes: 1" to 8" flanged
Outlet Sizes: 2" through 10" flanged
Orifice Sizes: Fourteen sizes – D through T
Temperature Range: -40°F to 505°F
Materials: Stainless steel pilot with carbon steel main valve and stainless steel trim
Certification: ASME Section VIII, PED and SQL

The type 4900 pilot-operated safety relief valve is a tubeless valve for oil and gas production and the offshore industry.

Safety relief valves often serve as the point-of-protection against potentially dangerous circumstances, so it is important that they be dependable. GE Energy’s Consolidated safety relief valves have maintained a reputation for excellence and reliability for more than a century.
The Consolidated product line has demonstrated a number innovative solutions, too. Safety relief valve innovations from the product line include the Thermodisc® temperature compensating disc and the first modular pilot-operated valve.

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