Consolidated ® Type 1541 & 1543 Safety Valve

Inlet Sizes: . 50” (12.7 mm) through 2.50” (63.5 mm) threaded
Outlet Sizes: . 75” (19.1 mm) through 2.50” (63.5 mm) threaded
Orifice Sizes: Six sizes: D through J
Temperature Range: -20°F (-28.9°C) to 420°F (215.6°C)
Materials: Cast iron bonnet with brass base and trim is standard. Available with bronze bonnet. Stainless steel base and disc are also optional.
Certification: ASME B&PVC Section I and VIII

GE’s Consolidated* 1541 and 1543 series safety valves are designed for steam and other compressible fluids. They are most commonly used in pharmaceutical, dyeing and process plants.

Features and Benefits
Equipped with two adjusting rings to allow for sharp opening action and full lift at 3 percent overpressure
Low spindle bearing point between the spindle and disc for improved tightness
Self-aligning spring washer for reliability and long life
Precision wound spring, ± 5 percent tolerance on rate to ensure repeatability and maximum tightness. Manufactured and capacity-certified to ASME Code Sections I and VIII
Valves tested on steam
Seats checked for tightness on steam
The adjustable lifting mechanism can be positioned in any location with 300 degrees of rotation to facilitate ease of installation

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