Consolidated ® Type 2478 Safety Valve

Inlet Sizes: 1/2" through 2 1/2"
Outlet Sizes: 3/4" through 2 1/2"
Orifice Sizes: D, E, F, G, H and J
Temperature Range: -325°F to 406°F
Materials: Cast bronze bonnet, brass base and trim and PTFE soft seats
Certification: Non-Coded

The type 2478 pressure relief valve features an enclosed design for non-corrosive, thermal relief and liquid service applications.

Key valve features
Our comprehensive portfolio of safety valves can help to run operations smoothly and cost effectively, particularly in steam service environments. Consolidated safety valves feature a unique pop-action release that can relieve steam over-pressurization if pressures upstream from the valve reach a set point.

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